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10 Reasons to Join
Alison Dawn Voice & Music

  1. Singing & Piano lessons and classes with Alison are fun, stress-free and student centered to meet each individual’s needs, tastes and interests. All levels, all styles, all genres

  2. Alison & her staff are formally trained and educated, with professional performing and music experience. That, combined with their experience classroom teaching gives her an edge to help students develop the technique and tools they need to be the best singer or musician they can be.

  3. Students choose their goals! Whether you want the lead in a musical, to pass an RCM exam, want to make friends or just want to build your confidence- there are no expectations or requirements when it comes to goal setting. You’re the boss and we are here to help you succeed!

  4. The private studio offers private lessons, two-on-one lessons, group and also online lessons. So the options to begin your musical journey are endless!

  5. Alison’s professional acting experience provides the studio with a different approach to performance, which will encourage students to connect with the message, story and lyrics in repertoire, not solely focusing on technique and striving for perfection. It is more important to feel good about your performance, connect with the music and have fun!

  6. There are many performance opportunities, in unique formats that suit a range of genres and styles. Students will develop confidence, stage presence, self-esteem and ownership over their performance, which are skills transferable to many occasions through life.

  7. Private students are not only provided with weekly lessons, but also group performance classes before concerts. This will help to not only learn from peers and practice performing, but also to combat stage fright and nerves in a safe and encouraging environment.

  8. Membership in the studio of Alison Dawn Voice & Music gives students an opportunity to work together and learn from each other, making the journey through music education more collaborative and less isolating than traditional private training. 

  9. Technology is incorporated regularly in lessons and group activities, making the journey more relevant for today's students. Lesson resources are more accessible to parents and students and it allows students to share their work and be inspired by others.

  10. Students of Alison Dawn Voice & Music will be given the opportunity to perform in a series of community performances other than the term studio concerts. This includes performances at retirement homes, hospitals and others to benefit those in need of a musical boost and a smile. Performing in the community in meaningful ways is a wonderful way to give back. It will also give students volunteer experience which looks good on any resume or university applications!

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