Ages 5-8

Tuesdays 6:30-7:15pm

Six week session

June 28-Aug 2


Does your child love to sing, act and perform?

Are they a huge Disney and musical theatre fan?


Are you hoping to encourage this skill but aren't sure about private lessons yet?

Are they nervous to begin learning in a one on one setting?

Why not start with a small group singing class, instead?!

Join Alison in the studio for a six week singing class of singing, acting and dancing! It is designed to help young, beginning singers find their voice through the fun vehicle of musical theatre! Alison combines her decade of private and group instruction experience to create a fun way for little singers to discover singing in a small group setting. This ensures quality instruction, time and attention to each individual without making them feel on the spot, or overwhelmed by a large group.


Students will gain confidence using their voices and discovering their acting skills through fun games, activities and songs.


By the end of the session, not only will your child come home inspired and with a big smile on their face, but they will also feel more confident about using their voice, performing and expressing themselves through song! 

No experience or prior preparation is necessary, just an open mind and a voice ready for song! 

For more information, contact or register below!

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