Fun-filled, Musical and Inspired Summers

Summer is finally here! I’d be willing to bet the kiddos are now filled with extra energy, excited and ready for a fun two months in the sunshine!

At the same time I know a lot of families are ready for a break from the insane school schedule, particularly with graduation and final everything that tends to make June particularly busy! I know I’m ready for a reduction in the hustle to enjoy the gorgeous weather, but I’m just as excited to get to know a whole new group of kids in my summer camps and classes!

That which we never seem to have enough of (especially through the school year) is TIME! The amount of families I talk to through the year who are run ragged from getting to every rehearsal, lesson and practice or game is crazy! Add in homework, school and family events and multiply that by the number of children you have- it’s sheer insanity! Which is why I know that extra time off to recover feels GREAT. And hear me when I say- You NEED it. Take that time to sleep, enjoy casual meals without having to dart out the door, visit with friends and family you never get to see.


As incredible as that might sound right now, who’s going to be singing a different tune in a few weeks when they kids are rested, have too much energy to stay home and you’re running out of ideas for things to keep them busy and off their screens?

So why not take this opportunity, after you’ve had a chance to rest, to encourage an interest your child demonstrated throughout the year, but they didn’t have time to explore?

Passionate Pursuits

If you didn’t have time for singing lessons or classes this winter- I’ll bet you do now! And it’s such a better way for kids and teens to put in their summer. They have the time to consider what they are introduced to, enjoy it, follow their curiosity with questions, experiences and build the skills that go with it!

When kids are in school they are told what they’ll be learning, whether they’re interested in it or not. It’s an expectation. But with summertime comes the freedom for them to choose! That was the reason I was so excited to go to college- because I would finally be able to sing and dance all day long rather than write essays and do algebra. You too?

Well there’s no need to make them wait until university to follow a passion! Use the break from classes, practices, homework and routine to give them the space to open up their hearts to a new interest. Without the school year responsibilities and early bedtimes, they are able to enjoy the process of growing, learning and enriching their lives with something that makes them truly happy. THAT’S when learning is fun!

Wouldn’t it be so much better to hear your child singing in the backyard to their favourite songs, or organizing a concert for you and the family to show off the songs they learned at camp rather than having them glued to a tablet or television for two months?

Sometimes all they need is the right circumstance and inspiration to fall in love with something! Or maybe they’re dying to get involved in a certain activity and FINALLY they have the time in their schedule to give it a try! Get them signed up!

New Dreams

Maybe your child is feeling uninspired. They’ve outgrown the activities they did when they were younger, they need a break from the activities that keep them busy through the year or maybe they just haven’t found their “thing” yet. Summer is the PERFECT time to try something new! Why not, when the schedule is otherwise free (or at least freer) and schoolwork won’t be eating up hours of time every night? The options are endless! Kids can even try something different each week through the summer, and what’s great is that there's no long term commitment! Try a week. If they don’t like it- no big deal! Now they know and you’re not stuck in a program that’s going to be a pain to get them to for 12 weeks.

But you know what….they might LOVE it! Maybe one summer camp or special experience is exactly what they need to start a fire within them and inspire them to pursue a new passion through the summer and beyond! There are tons of music and singing opportunities throughout the school year and most groups will be welcoming new students in September, so why not try it now? You child could go to camp, fall in love with a new passion and find that special something to enhance their creativity, inspiration, confidence and joy throughout next year. Putting yourself out of your comfort zone is also an important skill to foster in a child. Summer camp is a great way to get started on that!

What they discover at camp might be that thing that will enrich their lives year round for many years to come. I know that was the case for me growing up, and also for some of my current students. It just took a week at camp for them to realize: yup. Singing is my calling. These are my people. And the confidence and personal growth I see from kids who realize that is incredible!

Or perhaps you’re even in a situation where this past school year couldn’t have ended soon enough. Was it tough? Stressful socially on your child? Has their spark dimmed a little? Well, it’s time to get that back!

Music especially has a magic that reignites that spark. It can transform a kid who feels forgotten or frustrated and give them the voice they need to communicate their feelings and to feel appreciated and important. Yes, that happens at camp. A summer camp experience might be