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Join Alison Dawn Voice & Music in music classes designed to help children explore their singing voices, rhythm and music appreciation through fun & interactive games, action songs and movement activities.

Our Baby and Tots level classes are for children up to 24 months old, and are filled with singing, playing with instruments, movement with a caregiver and discovering music!


NEW THIS TERM! From age 2-5 our classes transition to a Music & Movement class, filled with exploring music through dance, movement, instruments and singing together! 


Music classes that begin at a young age are influential in developing a child's cognitive, social and motor skills. Plus, they are really fun! No child ever leaves without a smile on their face!

Grown-up and me classes run for children aged 5 months to 5 years! Any adult is welcome to accompany your child to class, but we ask that only one at a time come due to space restrictions

baby, toddler and preschool music classes!

Drop- in Class Cards Now Available for Spring Term! 

$65 for 4 classes
$120 for 8 classes

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