Music Sheets

Philosophy & Principles OF ADVM 


Singing feels good! The main goal of music lessons is to help students connect with music to express themselves emotionally and creatively. In order to achieve this, lessons are student-centered and cater to their needs musically and thematically. There are no rules- if you love to sing it, we will sing it! So many students struggle with anxiety and stress, and music is the perfect outlet to channel worries and release them in a healthy, fun and fulfilling way.

My students will be given a variety of performance opportunities that will help them to take ownership of their music, which will in turn foster confidence, self-expression and stage presence. My professional acting training and experience give me the tools to help students use music and lyrics to communicate through song and develop their musical identity. These experiences are deeply enriching and will give students the tools to be successful academically and professionally, and will help them to believe in themselves and their voice.



The musical journey is diverse! There is no one way to become technically proficient and my background in the educational system will help me to design differentiated learning pathways best suited to each individual student, based on their unique musical goals. My singing lessons will incorporate a wide variety of breathing and technical exercises in fun, student accessible ways which encourage range, flexibility and musicality. Technique is the only way to maintain vocal health, regardless of musical genre, and it is the best way to learn about the voice so it can help you to express yourself in any way you choose. Additionally, my lessons incorporate theory and sight singing exercises which develop well-rounded, musically literate students who can approach music and repertoire with confidence and understanding, in their singing and other musical endeavors. 


The pursuit of musical excellence can at times be isolating. That is why my students will become active members of a musical community. As a complement to their private voice lessons, students will also participate in three studio performances, masterclasses and optional ensemble work. This will give them opportunities to collaborate, learn from and with their peers in a nurturing, supportive and fun environment that respects and values each individual’s voice and experience.

Additionally, through studio and community performances, students are given opportunities to use their musical voices to engage with the world around them. They are encouraged to sing music that speaks to them so they have important and thoughtful messages to share with their community. Through intimate performances and fundraisers for important causes, students will be given opportunities to share their talents and passion, and learn what good musical outreach can do for themselves, others and for the vitality and spirit of the community.