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Adult Beginner PIANO CLASS

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All classes run for 12 weeks

The cost of the term is $265 which includes the cost of a book.

Ages 18+


LEVEL 1- Thursdays, 12:30pm with Alexandra, starts Jan 11 

LEVEL 2- Thursdays, 10:30am with Alexandra, starts Jan 11 *Please note this level is for students who've taken our Level 1 class before, or who have a bit of prior experience. 


LEVEL 1- Wednesdays, 9am with Susan, starts Jan 10

LEVEL 2- Tuesdays, 9am with Susan, starts Jan 9

Join us for a small group beginner piano class for adults! This class will have no more than 4 participants, and will give adult beginners of all ages the chance to learn the basics of classical piano playing. Each student will receive both group and individual instruction, and will have weekly use of the pianos in our studio. 

No experience is necessary for our Level 1 classes, all are welcome!


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