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Find Your Voice, Let it Sing!

Singing Lessons at Alison Dawn Voice & Music

Singing lessons are good for...

  • All music lovers- singing can be done anywhere!

  • Kids or teenagers-there are so many cognitive and developmental benefits, it’s fun, a good use of their time. Inspires potential in them, opens doors to possibilities they didn’t consider

  • People with high stress, anxiety, depression

  • People looking for a hobby or challenge to contribute to their quality of life

  • Community theatre participants

  • Church/community choir members  

  • Friends wanting to work on a skill together

How You can Benefit

  • It’s fun!

  • Makes you feel good, happy

  • Gives you confidence

  • Makes you smarter and has countless cognitive, motor and social benefits for children

  • Helps with emotional control

  • Helps you make friends, provides community

  • Challenges you

  • Enriches every facet of your life

  • Gives you ways to share with family, friends, or bigger audiences

Lesson overview



  • Gain confidence

  • Become more technically proficient

  • Find an ease of singing

  • Feel good about your sound

  • Have control over your voice and what it does

  • Channel your emotions to music

  • Tell stories, share messages through song

  • Feel good, ease stress

  • Make music a part of your regular routine


  • Learn greater skill & style

  • Adapt your voice to whatever genre you love to sing, using what you can do and expanding from there

  • Learn stylistic techniques suited to your preferred genre

  • Learn new breathing and singing techniques to do more than you can now

    • Increase breath control

    • Gain clarity tone

    • Extend range

  • Learn ear training and literacy to help you be a more effective ensemble member


  • Engage with music in ways to help channel personal stresses, anxieties, or celebrate & uplift

  • Uplift your community through the power of music

  • Build your skills to be a more effective member of any ensemble you’re a part of

  • Make friends and share in music together

  • Collaborate and learn from other singers with similar goals

  • Participate in group events and performances

  • Connect with your inner and greater communities

In Alison's studio you get...

  • Weekly lessons that cover

    • Breathing technique

    • Improving alignment to maximize sound

    • Ear training and sight singing exercises (theory by request)

    • Technical exercises to improve tone, vocal control, range and flexibility

    • Repertoire- any style is welcome! Musical theater, classical, pop, we can do it all!

  • Weekly lesson notes to help you practice

  • Access to online community that contains helpful resources to enrich your journey

  • Group performance classes- three per year

  • Performance opportunities

    • In studio (three per year)

    • Community

    • Festival & Exams

  • Constant support & guidance for any musical project you take on

Tuition Rates

  • 30 minute weekly lessons: $125 per month

  • 45 minute weekly lessons: $165 per month

  • 60 minute weekly lessons: $205 per month

  • There is an annual registration fee due of $60 that covers performance and class fees

Contact Alison to sign up now!

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