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About Naomi

Student Teacher, Beginner Piano

Naomi Goldsworthy was born in Calgary, Alberta, moving to the Kennebecasis Valley in 2010. She has been involved in music since age 3, starting with preschool music classes then moving into Piano.

Naomi is currently in Grade 8 Piano, and has recently passed the grade 7 practical exam with honors. She has experience practicing in local piano recitals since age 6.

Naomi is also a practicing martial artist in Daito Ryo Aiki Jujutsu, currently holding the rank of Jr. Black belt, preparing to to take the Senior Black Belt test. Through her martial arts training she has also assisted coaching preschool children up to teaching portions of the adult classes.

Her other Hobbies include: hiking, mountain biking, and reading.

Naomi is exciting to to be able to teach and share her enjoyment of music at Alison Dawn Voice & Music.

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