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Alison Dawn Voice & Music

Building confidence and self-expression through music.

Alison Dawn Voice & Music is a studio designed to help singers and pianists develop confidence and self-expression through music. Regardless of age, experience or musical genre of choice, choosing to develop your technique and to express yourself through music is choosing to gain skills that you can carry with you throughout your whole life. 

Having served the Greater Saint John area in Rothesay for the past five years, we are thrilled to now be able to also serve the Greater Moncton region with our new studio location in Riverview!

Whether you are 8, 16 or 65, whether you dream of pursuing music as a career, performing at school or at church, in a music festival, getting the lead role in a musical, completing a Royal Conservatory exam, or you just love music and want to pursue a hobby and have fun- Alison Dawn Voice & Music can help you succeed through a series of diverse musical experiences.

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"Alison Dawn Campbell is a dynamic performer and educator. Her extensive training in both Classical and Musical Theatre give her a balanced and well-rounded approach to pedagogy. Her enthusiasm and positive energy are sincere and infectious—these make her a powerful communicator of ideas and concepts. The nurturing and caring environment she fosters is reflected in the high achievement of her students. Her strength and character as a teacher are fed by her ongoing process of being a performer and growing as an artist."

Dr. Michael Donovan

Professor of Voice, Acadia University;

Co-Founder, Co-Artistic Director, Music Director Long Reach Opera Workshop;


"I've not only been able to become more confident with who I am but also with the way that I carry myself around other people and there aren't anywhere near enough words to express my gratitude."

Anika Nice, Former Student

"Alison Dawn Voice & Music is a wonderful place to learn singing! Alison is a very caring, knowledgeable, organized teacher that loves what she does and passes her love for music onto the students. Alison not only teaches them to sing but gives them the confidence and support they need to perform as well. My daughter loves going and can't wait for her next lessons! Highly recommend Alison Dawn Voice & Music!"

Darlyne Henry, Voice Studio Parent

"I wanted to pass along my shock and thanks in [my four year old son's] skills he’s acquired. Tonight he was Facetiming with his grandparents in Ontario and decided to pick up a random piano book from his aunt and was able to play the entire sheet. I was completely floored. Thank you so much for inspiring him with this love of piano."

Andrea Tolan, Piano Studio Parent 

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